The Best Way To Manage
Training, Education Programs And Events

MyloTEAM from Mylo Solutions delivers everything you need to manage and monetize training, educational programs and events.

Faster. Smarter. Cheaper.

A cloud-based solution, MyloTEAM offers the most comprehensive platform for publishing class content, marketing programs to attendees, registering participants and managing follow-up with students and faculty.

Maximize Your Investment and Reduce Complexity

By deploying MyloTEAM, training and education programs become a growth opportunity. MyloTEAM delivers powerful financial modeling and analytics to assess the profitability and cost of every offering.

MyloTEAM simplifies the administrative complexity of offering hundreds or thousands of classes in multiple locations or across multiple business units. One easy-to-use platform takes care of all of your needs.

Dedicated Customer Support

MyloTEAM's customer service team delivers support to providers of training, continuing ed and events to make the most of the platform's unmatched capabilities.

Sync With Salesforce

Mylo Solutions has been selected by Salesforce as part of its elite ISVForce program. MyloTEAM is integrated with Salesforce to provide seamless CRM integration. MyloTEAM provides real-time, bi-directional synchronization of MyloTEAM data with our Salesforce-certified MyloRSVP™ application.

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